October 7th, 2002


Back to work and school

Saturday afternoon was fairly quiet, except for taking the three boys for a haircut. Well, three haircuts.
We then went to get an afternoon tea. I had a custard slice, David had a chocolate log, Matthew had a caramel slice, Christopher had a chocolate doughnut. I also purchased a steak mince pie, which later proved to be a mistake.
Viv came home while we were completing another game of Go For Broke and after we had finished, we discussed various aspects of the conference.
Congratulations to Libby on winning the evaluation contest. There had also been a very interesting educational on oratory, which I was sorry to have missed.

Sunday saw my first church service after my return home. In the afternoon, Michael came round to play and learn. After that, we dropped Viv at the supermarket while the rest of us went to get David's new violin from Ian R. As Ian R is quick to admit, it doesn't look much, but it makes a beautiful sound.
For tea we had curry: vegetable korma, butter chicken, lamb madras.

Despite daylight saving coming into force, I was able to rise straight away at 6am. I still haven't been back a week, so I don't feel qualified to say what time it is at any hour yet. This did mean I was able to get ready for work successfully and early. The boys did the same, as today is the first day of the new term.

New Zealand time is now 13 hours ahead of GMT, 12 hours ahead of the time in Britain. This also means it's time to update my sig file.

The first day was largely spent catching up with what has happened while I have been away. QIS 3's final release is the news of most interest to me, but this is probably not of great interest to many others.