October 27th, 2002


Tempus fugit

Nothing since Tuesday...Wednesday was a busy day at work but a quiet day at home; Thursday saw me as general evaluator at Toastmasters and as far as I remember was another busy work day followed by another quiet evening. By Friday, this was becoming habit.
Saturday was slightly more diverse, with such things as getting the nice man to tell us whether we need new tyres, buying a few more bits and pieces for Christmas and tidying up in the living room.
Also, Matthew and Christopher gave their last practice before we go to the story telling festival, which is in Masterton this afternoon. More later.

Glistening Waters

We gave my mother a telephone call before we left, seeing as it was still her birthday even though it wasn't any longer here...the mystery and confusion of time travel!
We pumped up the dodgy tyre on the car and set off for the Wairarapa - Masterton is about an hour north of here over the Rimutaka Hills. The weather was fine as we set off, and the directions to the festival were helpful too, enabling us to find it without too much difficulty. The website for the festival is here. We arrived in time to hear Liz Weir and Margaret Bennett present stories from Ireland and Scotland, which were inspiringly well told. We were also pleased to see Debbie and Steve (two friends from church) and Trish and Bert (two friends from Toastmasters) who were also at the festival. We had lunch on the lawn with Trish and Bert before the Junior Storytellers Showcase, at which both Matthew and Christopher were appearing. The compere for the day was David Novak, who had a kind word for each of the sixteen or so who told their stories. We heard all manner of stories, in both English and Maori, covering subjects such as the misadventures of a trip to Taupo, the real story of Cinderella, a Harry Potter derivative tale, Rumpelstiltskin and, from our boys, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and the story of the conquest of the Aztecs by Cortes.
Before we left, we heard inspirational stories from David Novak and Diane Ferlatte. As we left, the sky was clouding over and we had a light drizzle as we drove back to the Hutt Valley.