November 18th, 2002


Yesterday, today, tomorrow - board games, banks

Yesterday evening was spent, among other things, trialling a board game. I'm bound to say that I didn't find it inspiring. It occurs to me that I have a board game aficionado in my audience, so jiggery_pokery will probably want to Collapse ) The weather today is astoundingly cold and miserable, with a high of 12 - not what we expect in November in New Zealand. However, what makes it worse is a southerly. A southerly, unlike the ones most of my readers know, is a wind or gale which blows straight from the Antarctic across the frozen wastes and the Southern Ocean and makes its first landfall in Wellington. Yes, just as bad as it sounds, if not worse.
Tomorrow will have a Business Analysts Institute committee meeting at lunchtime (I expect) and a Bankers Institute meeting after work, which I will need to leave as soon as it finishes to get to our parish vestry meeting. I have received eighteen pages of correspondence by email for the Vestry meeting, most of which were sent to me as Word documents first. For the first time, I have received everything as a rich text format file in advance of the meeting. See if you don't know what I'm talking about.
I note that sheaj34 has upgraded her LJ account to a paid one.
Comments about the places she mentioned in her recent post:
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