December 5th, 2002


Thursday evening - NZSO

The fog has lifted. This means that flights in and out of Wellington Airport have resumed. This doesn't affect me, but will affect my co-worker Ming who has been trying to get there for some days now.
On Tuesday, there was no train service to the Hutt valley or air service out of Wellington. The train service was restored not long after I got to the station, which meant I got the first train to Taita - which meant it was crowded! However, even this means it was empty by comparison with a rush hour train in London or Liverpool.
Today, breakfast at Toastmasters, where I shared the award for the best Table Topic (short impromptu speech) as well as being the one who supplied the muffins for breakfast.
Lunch at Chicago, same as a usual Friday, even though it's not Friday.
Thursday evening to see the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra whose show tonight was The Ride of the Valkyries, Holst's Jupiter, John Williams' Harry Potter and the southern hemisphere premiere of the Lord of the Rings Suite, composer's name escapes me.
Back home after the boys' first experience of live symphonic music. They seemed to like it. We did too.