February 10th, 2003


Phew, what a scorcher!

and there's more to come, say met-men.
It's the hottest day we've had so far this summer, although yesterday was pretty warm too.
Saturday was a fairly quiet day. The weather was cooler, with ideal conditions for Christopher's t-ball game. His team won by 20 to 9, helped by Chris's catching, fielding and running. I've never seen him play so well before, and I was very encouraged.
The afternoon and some of the evening were spent sorting out books from boys' rooms and elsewhere. It's a very book-dominated house. However, this is not a bad thing in any way at all.
Hot Sunday, another service at church. Viv, looking after Kidz Stuff, asked me what the sermon had been about. I think she is still unconvinced: it was a statement that it's all right to take time out and be at peace, doing nothing for a while and not feeling guilty about it: we can learn a lot from teenagers.
After lunch, Viv wanted to continue tidying up, so the boys and I went for a walk from Silverstream Bridge along the riverside as far as the Moonshine Bridge. You'll probably need a large-scale map of the Hutt Valley to make sense of this, though I've no idea where you would find one of those online. Though as usual, google (tm) is your friend.
Today, the hottest day so far, with a discussion about credit scoring for two hours before lunch. At lunchtime, I watched the NZ military procession along the main street of the Capital as we celebrating the return of the peace-keeping force from East Timor. ("A job well done.") This was supported by a fly-by of three planes and four helicopters.
Back into the office in the afternoon for another introduction to the Accord before it was home-time again. Viv is off giving a speech about travelling with children. The boys will soon be going off to bed.
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