May 20th, 2003


The continuation of the week

Lunchtime, another committee meeting. I left early for Viv's other agm, and to pick or the boys from their piano lesson. After that, a surprisingly short vestry meeting, not that I am complaining. The 100 books meme seems to be gathering momentum. It's apparently a BBC list. As for of now, I'm just waiting for a train on a windy autumn morning.

Seasons, capitals

There are so many oddities about English, so many irregularities, but I found something straightforward yesterday. Spring, summer, autumn and winter all have six letters, so it's possible to have them in quarterly lists withou the formatting needing any special attention. You can't do that with days or weeks. The other question on my mind: which capital city is closest to the equator? Is it Bangkok? Just asking, no real reason. I'll check and let you know sometime.