May 23rd, 2003


Jim leaves today

The lunch club is looking pretty sorry. John's passing left us short, and anyone new will not be the same, but today was also Jim's last day. Just before eleven we were served the most spectacular morning tea, mostly cheesy muffins and bacon sandwiches. The Friday lunch didn't happen today, only in part because of a half twelve work meeting. Please don't do that again. Just before five, we went off to Leuven, the Belgian car. Jim, Louise, Lily and I formed the first group, though lots of the rest of the...

Jim leaves today 2

...department joined us later on. Jim and I were two of only a few who dined as well as drinking. I'll post details to dinner later if I remember. The main concern by now is that my train leaves before the game finishes. I don't want a stadium full of league fans to join us here on the train. Ah, the doors have just closed.