May 27th, 2003


Peaceful Tuesday evening

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day, all things considered. By evening, I was tired and spent it wandering the web and playing netgammon badly. But I did discover that my friend Steve, ex Keble, has a higher chess ranking than the North Island champion, who is coaching Matthew and Christopher. This morning was incredibly foggy, and it was fascinating to look out of the office windows over the harbour. To the left, towards the station, there was nothing but fluffy stuff, while to the right, towards Island Bay,

Peaceful Tuesday evening 2

... there were flatter, higher clouds. So the front must have been right down the middle of the harbour. Lunchtime, a Bankers' Institute meeting, with Pat Waite speaking about best practice in corporate reporting. An afternoon spent on details of the Accord and then a quick social, very quick, as we said goodbye to Kylie, our administratrix. Then off to catch the train, calling in at the post box to pick up The Economist. As the title of this posting suggests, I'm expecting a quiet night, which will be...

Peaceful Tuesday evening 3

... spent validating quiz question answers for a work colleague or researching web hosts for the BA institute, or both, or neither. But first, I think we will be stopping off for our regular fish and chips. Apologies to those who like one long entry rather than several short ones. Mobile phone technology doesn't quite but it yet, sorry. Besides, it gives me something to do on the train, though I could be reading The Economist, of course.