May 28th, 2003



New of wednesday is that it was astoundingly cold today, again, with winter quite clearly digging its bony fingers into our city.
It's hard to know precisely what to say about the day today, so I will porbably not say much at all. It's been a bits and pieces day at work, with only a short venture outside during lunchtime to get something to eat.
I missed the 5:21 express because I had to buy my ticket for June, so I caught the 5:32 stopper instead. You aren't really interested in this, are you?
Maybe I'll have a go at the online meme instead. If lexin did it, it's probably worth considering.
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    Viv reading the boys the chapter about Dobby the house-elf

The online meme

1. When did you first connect ("go online"), and how?
I used a subset of Compuserve for my work in the 1980s, although I didn't know until much later that this is what it was.
On my own account, I first signed up for the net late in 1996. My employer at the time, a software and systems company, couldn't see any purpose in ever using the internet.
I was a customer of Voyager Internet, one of the first ISPs in New Zealand.

2. What was your first communications program?
Netscape Navigator 2.0, though i soon upgraded to 3.0

3. When did you first chat over the Internet, and how?
I used to chat at Tripod, but didn't stay for long. It was through Tripod chat that I first discovered that Princess Diana had died.

4. What chat type program(s) do you use now?
I scarcely ever chat these days.

5. Who was your first service provider?
Voyager, as discussed above.

6. Did you ever use AOL?
I never paid them a penny. I used an AOL client once last September, when I couldn't get access anywhere else. The plentiful cybercafes in England are not as plentiful as they would have you believe, especially away from the main centres.

7. Do you admit using AOL in public?
Not unless really pushed.
Q: Why was AOL invented.
A: So that the online community would have somebody to make ethnic jokes about.

8. Who is your current ISP?, though you wouldn't know it to look at my email address.

9. What was the first computer that you used to access the 'net?
A Pentium I 100MHz running the Evil Empire's Windows 95.

10. What computer do you use to access the 'net today?
A Pentium III 450MHz running Windows 98SE, now reaching the end of its useful life.

11. What was your first 'net handle?
iwh - my real initials

12. Did you use any other handles for any length of time? If so, what were they?
ringbark - a name given to me in real life by Port Vila Hash House Harriers. There's no point in asking me where the name came from.

13. What 'net handle do you normally use now?
Still ringbark.

14. Are you active on any Web sites other than LJ?
I have my own websites, so I suppose you could call those active. - main site - family news - a nearly famous punk group