June 4th, 2003


Wednesday, the evening

Now that the wap phone LJ client seems to be a little more stable, I can use it for most of my posting needs. The only problem is that it posts the time in California, so don't take any notice of it. Here, it. The end of Wednesday, and nothing to mention has happened here. It's been raining, but not cold. Apparently the weather in the south has been so grin that the hydro lakes are filling up and we don't need to save power any more, so we can go back to leaving lights on recklessly.

Wednesday, the punch line

So stop me delivering the punch line by having a message limit. The line is, of course: not that the boys ever stopped leaving them on. I'm glad that's sorted out now. Thank you for choosing to read ringbark's livejournal, and enjoy the rest of your day.