July 8th, 2003


Backgammon to win

That was the name of the first book I had on the game. I bought a beautiful set from a well known Knightsbridge store in 1984. Yesterday I brought it back from my office, where it has languished for a while. The boys are learning to play, but are not good yet. Give them time and they will improve. Matthew is currently convinced that it is mainly luck. Not so! Although there is luck involved, it is far more a game of skill. It's been otherwise quiet. Viv fell asleep watching LOTR again tonight. Nothing new.

On this New Morning

As July continues, the mornings are starting to get lighter earlier. I'm probably writing much the same as I did last year at the same time. The bird song you hear in the morning isn't the same as it was in England, but that's something quickly forgotten, until you return and hear what you were missing. A bit like the squeaky door nobody notices once it's oiled. Maybe it will warm up later on.