July 14th, 2003


Monday evening, Viv toasting

It was another freezing morning today, as I set off to work in unwarm conditions. The day didn't get much warmer, but it did get busier. I'll be writing a summary of CP189 - visit http://www.fsa.gov.uk/pubs/cp/189/ for more details - this week.
At lunchtime, Viv and the boys met up with me for lunch and a visit to the optician. We went to Wishbone to pick up lunch before wandering around town a bit.
This evening, I went to Leuven with Mike F. He had never been there before, but was evidently very taken with it.
Now, I'm safely back home, the boys have gone to bed and I have an opportunity to reflect on life. Viv is delivering a prepared speech, though how prepared I wouldn't like to say.

It's a rainy night in Paris

Well, it might be. A drizzly morning in the Hutt Valley doesn't sound the same. At least three of my LJ friends are off to Nimbus, but I have done stranger myself. (if you don't know, you don't need to know) Meanwhile, life here continues to meander in its usual way, with meetings and other things inside and outside the workplace. No real news beyond rumour and speculation regarding our possible sale, but the Brazilian operation has attracted five bidders. 3 local plus citi and ABN-Amro.