July 16th, 2003


This just in...

The death burger store at Wellington Station, a 24-7 icon of the Capital for many years, had its shutters up when I passed it a few minutes ago. In other news, I'm feeling much better than yesterday, when I went home early feeling decidedly unwell. It's a one day thing, so I was back today, much to the relief of Andrew, who is summarising the CP189 paper with me. I was late enough today, delayed by a points failure, a very English excuse, not much used here.

Lunch today

Lunchtime was taken up by a Toastmasters Presidents meeting. I still wasn't game to eat much, but neither was our Area Governor. We covered some of the admin basics for the next few months. Key dates: 28 Aug area contest at our club, 4 Oct division conference, 14-16 Nov district convention in Nelson. And tomorrow morning of course: normal club meeting.