July 21st, 2003


The rest of last week and the weekend

I felt as bright as the day by Thursday morning, although having to chair the Toastmasters meeting was not quite what I had hoped for. We heard two marvellous speeches, being Jo's first speech "one of those days" and Rachel's fourth speech "small pleasures", both reflecting on the details of life.
By the evening, which was the committee meeting, we were doing very well, with a meeting to sort out a great many of the admin issues about the club. We also worked on the club success plan. If everything comes together, we should be a President's Distinguished Club - let's not count our chickens before they are hatched.
Friday morning and another weekend was closer. Andrew and I had finished the summary of CP189 and everything was fine.
The usual suspects went for lunch at Little India, and the afternoon passed with me starting work on the next exciting papers.
Viv was off as one of the leaders to a church youth camp by the time I got home on Friday, and the night continued until I turned in at whatever time it was.
Saturday, and most of the day was taken up by a family tournament of backgammon and chess. Not surprisingly, I won the backgammon, while Matthew won most of the chess.
We went to see the NZ Symphony Orchestra on Saturday evening (Viv came back for this long arranged night out.)Collapse )
Sunday morning, with Matthew reading the lesson after I took a trip to drop Viv back at the last half day at the camp.
Sunday evening was the end of the school holidays, and we phoned Mrs domel to wish her get well soon.
The first day back for vivh and the boys today, and the start of a new week for me. I look forward to nights when it is light on my return. There are none yet, but they can't be far away.
There won't be so many regular updates for a while, as the Tapjam mobile telephone client program has stopped working again.