August 31st, 2003


Sunday evening - Nemo

Good evening. After a fairly quiet evening yesterday, we went off to church as usual this morning. It was a reasonably warm morning, the last day of the southern winter before the start of spring on September 1. For once, we were not doing very much in the service, so it was a fairly quiet morning for us.
After lunch, we went off to Lower Hutt to see Finding Nemo. This has been talked about in various people's journals, but it has only just appeared in New Zealand. It's a humorous story of a fish seeking out his son who has gone missing, and I think there are possibly some gentle parodies in the movie.
A key to it is an Australian dentist, but this is not the first time I have seen an Australian dentist as a key character in a non-Australian story. Major prize for anyone who can identify the other one.
After that, it was home, followed by supermarket shopping, followed by a few games of backgammon. The boys have gone off to bed now, and it's time to wind down and put something in the journal, while we listed to the Today programme. gives the chance to hear it from the other side of the world. Other programmes, as I think I mentioned, which bring joy again are Just a Minute and Brain of Britain, covering the full spectrum of "Comedy and Quizzes".
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