September 3rd, 2003


Exciting evening

Well, not really exciting at all. Viv and Matthew played a few more games of chess, David did some violin practice, then it wasn't too long till everyone headed off to bed. To sleep, perchance to dream.
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    Perchance to dreamy

Another day done

After a fairly ordinary day, the excitement of a bus ride to Island Bay to judge a Toast masters Area contest. I've never caught the bus to there before, and don't know my way around. Those who know me will be worried by this news, but I'm sure I'll find it before the contest starts. I'm not happy that the return bus gets to the station at 9.06 because my train leaves at 9.05. I'm sure it will work out somehow.

Later in the evening

It was a very close contest. There was almost nothing to separate the three highest placed speakers on my chart. For me, the biggest boots was finding that the judge sitting next to me was also from the Hutt Valley, and happy to give me a lift home, which will have made over an hour of difference to me. So after a too short night's sleep, it's off to my own club, where I am speaking this morning. It will be my first prepared speech for quite some time.