September 14th, 2003


The end of the weekend

It was a great credit to Synod management that the business was concluded almost on time, though there was a slight feeling that some who might have wanted to speak to the later motions were deterred. I may write later about one thing that could easily have given us more time. After Synod, back home and to the supermarket. Viv had been beaten at chess many times over the weekend, so wanted to play me. Unfortunately, I won four games. In fairness, only the first two were any credit to me. Bedtime after that.

Spring is finally upon us, it seems

We're promised northerlies and a high of 17C today. A bright sun and a cheerful disposition certainly do seen to be heralding a real spring, rather than the rotten weather of the past week. Wait and see what the rest of the week is like.