September 16th, 2003


All the world loves a lover

I arrived in the office his morning to the news that Mike and Sue are engaged. Congratulations to them, and all the very best. This was recognised later in the day as we all went off to Pravda for a coffee, tea or champagne, as the case may be. A tough statistical question related to work seems to be close to solution, which is of course a Good Thing. It's dried up here since this morning, which is another Good Thing.

Harvard Business Review

Almost as tenacious as Readers Digest and American Express. Harvard Business Review sent me another invitation to subscribe today. The accompanying letter offered a subscription for $89, but the coupon to mail back said it was $152. How can this be? The lower price is almost worth considering, but not quite. That's a six month price. I can and do subscribe to The Economist for $826 for three years of a weekly magazine. This week, the front cover again depicts the burning WTC. All prices quoted are in NZD.

Well, that's it for another day

A board meeting for Viv, a vestry meeting for me, with combination fried rice before that. Not much after, except me looking at LJ and Viv watching TTT on video again. Two anniversary cards arrived from overseas today, I suppose I'll have to remember to get one before Friday. Sixteen years, sixteen banners united over the field where the good shepherd grieves.
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The Wellington Museum of City and Sea will today open the Family Treasures exhibition, at which Matthew will be a speaker and Christopher will be an exhibitor. Chris's item is my family Bible, which has been with the family since the early 1800s and which I brought back to New Zealand last October. I saw yesterday that it is Exhibit #1. Matthew will talk about the exhibition and his treasure, a postcard album which was originally his great-grandmother's. I hope to be able to support them by going along.