September 18th, 2003


From a Buick

A day of meetings and research. Mike and Sue brought a morning tea along, which was much appreciated. After the meetings, the wall to the station. I was lucky to catch the 5.21 and would not have done so he it had left on time. A courier van had a refreshingly honest car sticker: I'm driving this way to piss you off. Maybe I should call his company and tell them he's devaluing their brand. The T meeting this morning went very well, considering what might have been. Weather today: very windy but dry.

A hard rain's a gonna fall

Viv isn't here yet, so a quick post while I wait. The sky is a very gloomy grey, and I'm sure it will either rain or go dark before morning. The aroma of the Pizza Hut by the station is very tempting, but I can resist it for now. We're planning a Mr India curry for our anniversary tomorrow night.

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind

Wild winds assailed the lower North Island yesterday and overnight, but spokesmen said that Wellington had been spared the worst of the damage, largely because anything here that could blow away had already done so years ago. This morning dawns sunny and still, reminiscent of the post cyclone weather in Vanuatu. My briefcase feels very light this morning: I wonder what I have forgotten. Certainly not my anniversary or Talk like a Pirate Day. Neither of these weigh anything.
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