September 21st, 2003


Sunday evening

It's hard to write entries on two different devices which seen to be wedded to different time zones. Today we said goodbye to our priest-in-charge in advance of our new vicar's arrival at the end of next month. The experiences of the last nine months have been another chapter, a favourable one, in the life of our church. The afternoon was spent cleaning out our food cupboard, an unpleasant exercise unfortunately, and at times a trip down memory lane. Earliest expiry date found: June 1999.

A trip down memory lane

Come to think of it, as I was typing that, how can it be? We didn't move to this house till July 1999 so it doesn't make sense. The cupboard and the kitchen have benefited from the work, as have we. The boys start a fortnight of school holiday tomorrow, with only me at work. Even so, I'll be off on Wednesday, to have breakfast, go to the museum and go to the cinema to watch Pirates. But the excitement of the rest of the week will be saved up for my readers, many or few as they may be.

Who's missing from our ch_rch?

Every now and again, you come across a poster or sign so clever that you immediately like it. This was not such a sign. It's hard to believe that such a thing would ever inspire anyone to join them for worship. Nevertheless, it's on worse than the bizarre national campaign a couple of years ago depicting an angel and the slogan church@christmas.come