September 24th, 2003


Lovely day

An early-ish start and we all took the train into town. The ice-cream shop at Queen's Wharf wasn't open, so we went straight to the Museum, where we spent most of our time looking at the family treasures section, of course. We also watched the documentary about the Wahine disaster. There is little commentary on the film: it needs none. After that, it was almost lunchtime, so we wove our way to Little India. They were surprised to see me on a Wednesday, in a t shirt instead of a suit, with a family...

Lovely day 2

... instead of work colleagues, but the food was still good. Then off to see the Pirates of the Caribbean, which was very fine. If you only see three movies this year, this should be one of them. A live action Disney movie with an M rating, the Mouse has obviously taken the 'evolve or die' message very seriously. We were still talking about the film when we picked up the dry cleaning. Now there are obviously great stretches of the day here that deserve more coverage, but this much shows a day well spent.