September 30th, 2003


Change in the weather?

Not really, it's still dismally wet. I went to our local games store at lunchtime to buy a product and was drenched on the way back. I could have well done without a special church committee meeting tonight, but some things are beyond our control. So while I was out, Viv and the boys started to learn about Chinese chess. Like chess, there is a world of difference between knowing how the pieces move and knowing how to play well, or even competently. But by now it's home and bed. Have a good day, Europe!


I don't know why, it's just something you say on the morning of 1 October. Anyone know the reason? It's not for luck, as far as I know. The month has started with sun, but I'm not counting on it lasting. It's been otherwise quiet so far this month. However, just you wait and see.