October 7th, 2003


Summer time, and the livin' is easy

A nagging suspicion that I used that subject line last year. I've been looking for the web site that seriously suggests dividing the continental US into two year-sound time zones. Anyone remember it or know the address? It's not the same as my suggestion for worldwide time synchronization, suggesting that the whole world should use GMT. Meanwhile, I'm looking for a three letter and two syllable word to go with taramasalata. Any suggestions? Dickson, this is your fault. The weather is better today.

Linus Torvalds as a teenager

Apparently Linus would have supported legislation making it compulsory for geeks to get a date on a Saturday night. Read more at risks.org , your first stop for Risks information. Related to this, a geek colleague went to the Desperate and Dateless ball and was shocked that on the way in everyone was given a condom and a marshmallow. This is called 'determining the level'. Many have asked what the marshmallow was for. Meanwhile, I see that Wellington is the most popular city, according to today's Dominion.