October 12th, 2003


Beware slow moving weekends

This was one. By the time we got going on Saturday, it was nearly lunchtime. We went into Lower Hutt and Viv did some early Christmas shopping while the other four went to watch Pirates again. Viv claimed this would save money, but I an unconvinced. The evening at home was similarly uneventful. Church today, with nothing away from the norm. Shopping, reading and computing filled most of the rest of the day. As David has started listening to the Stranglers again, I've dug out the No Nukes video from 1982.

No Nukes 1982

The Stranglers were just part the peak of their popularity when they played at this enormous festival in Holland. Half an hour of the show made it onto Granada around half past one on a Sunday morning. Nevertheless, the picture and quality have survived well these 21 years, making a video that still holds up. A half hour show without advertisements is very welcome. This could be because nobody wanted space in a politically motivated concert by a controversial band, broadcast in the middle of the night.

Monday morning: the week begins

Three minutes past eight. I didn't deserve to catch this express, but as the stopper hasn't come in yet, it's probably just as well. As you may have guessed, the weather is very dreary, with rain now and the promise of a southerly later. HSBC have bought Losango, but still no word here. It's still 'wait and see'. The lateness of the train means a huge influx at Waterloo. Word association: in the supermarket yesterday, SOS was playins over the speakers. 28 years old and still a favourite of mine.
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