October 28th, 2003


After the day off

Back to work on the first full day after the announcement, and it was fairly upbeat, at least for those of up who were there. Of the Big Seven, three were on courses, one went home sick and one extended her holiday till next Monday. Those of us who were there did have a productive day, which was encouraging. After work, I broke my journey home to certify an identity for a Web of Trust member. It's painless, free and I wish I had more opportunities to do it. It's a system that doesn't seen to have caught on.

Looking forward

Tonight we have a special vestry meeting to look at issues relating to the forthcoming sale of the vicarage. However, tomorrow night's Toast committee meeting has been postponed, which might give of a free or freer evening. Things seem to have moved into top gear, though it's hard to put your finger on it. After the sunshine yesterday, it's been abominable today, though the sun is now starting to shine just before it sets. Tomorrow will be another joyous day, no doubt. That's the way it is here, tonight.