October 29th, 2003


A week that just runs away from you

Variable weather. A quiet day at work, but a busy one for all that. A couple of bagels for lunch, birthday cake and beer after work to celebrate our head of department's fiftieth birthday. Then onto the train at 6.05, after which nothing has happened, largely because it is only six o'clock as I type this. Early to bed, early to rise, that's the plan. Wonder if it will happen?

Spring dawn

A reddish tinge to the sky this morning, a warning to sailors and shepherds all. Before long, the day will be on its way, as indeed will I. I downloaded a new mail program last night. Just out of beta, this is its first commercial release. It refused to download mail this morning: I should have stuck with the last beta. I may have to look elsewhere for a mailer. In other news, it's been fairly quiet. David has created a LJ but is yet to make his first entry. Matthew and Chris are too young to qualify.