January 21st, 2004


What happen? Someone set us up the winter

After the meeting last night, I could see a forthcoming flood just up the street. Perhaps a blocked drain? Much worse this morning, with several blocks between home and the station. Wheeeeeee! as you drive through them. Matthew said that if our neighbour opened his door it would automatically mop his floor. So, what has happened to summer? In other news, if I sent you some photos by email, it will mean that your mail will take longer to download than usual. Please be patient.

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Improving weather

The weather has improved quite considerably over the past couple of hours, and there's even some blue sky visible now. This may mean that the first Toastmasters meeting of the year tomorrow morning stands a chance of a reasonable attendance.
Last Friday, as I may have mentioned, I won the department's quiz contest. Here are some pictures Tony took after the event.
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