January 26th, 2004


Another few days missing

Thursday: I chaired the first Toastmasters meeting of the new year, which started very brightly with two very interesting speeches. The rest of thurday was a fairly steady and ordinary day, with considerably better weather.
Friday: Again, I'm only picking on the odd item here and there. The first Friday curry of the year. No, nothing has changed on this. It's still just about the same, with the same menu and the same people eating it. Friday evening and one of my colleagues at the bank told me he will be retiring in mid-March. I will certainly miss him, not least the support he has given me over the years, probably without even realsiing it.
Saturday: Viv's principal's 50th brithday up the coast at Waikanae took up most of the day. A glorious day, with fine company, fine food and drink and an extraordinarily sandy beach. On the whole, a well worthwhile event, and one I think we are all very pleased to have attended.
Sunday: Ordinary sort of Sunday: church in the morning, tidying up in the afternoon, cards in the evening.
Yes, there is more than this, but it's hard to remember exactly what's been going on. That sort of catches us up to this week, the first week of the new term.

Basic Rescue

Later this week, I'll be taking a two day basic scratd course. Apparently it covers details about how to survive a disaster and help others to do the same. I'm not clear on the details, but as a floor warden and first aid-er, it's a course I'm expected to attend. I'll also need to do the first aid refresher some time over the next three months. And that's about it, unless I talk about hat day.

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Hat day

Last Friday was hat day, which meant that everyone was wearing a hat of varying suitability. I took the easy option and wore my standard hat which you have already seen. A variety of beanies were visible, an umbrella hat, a bathing skull cap, a couple of tiaras, a multi-coloured felt top hat which caused a statistician to exclaim 'Venn diagram!' but best of all, a horned Viking helmet. Otherwise normal business analysts and programmers have this sort of stuff just lurking in their wardrobes? Scary!

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new zealand

States visited

For the benefit of my American readers: here are the states I have visited. Some of them, I only visited briefly. For example, Illinois was visited when I changed planes at O'Hare. I don't think I ever left the rail corridor in Delaware.

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This map is more meaningful than the one showing nations I have visited, which seemed very misleading: significant nations to me are only dots on a map, insignificant ones cover a vast area.