January 28th, 2004



Muggy here for several days now. Meanwhile, I'm reading about freezes in Britain and the US. It's been fairly quiet here, though term starts this morning, the first day of College for Matthew. You may know College by a different name: it's the new place you go at age 12 or so. Viv was at the meeting yesterday evening when Hon Trevor Mallard outlined his proposals for schools in the Valley to staff and board members. I was at home, finishing The Time Traveler's Wife and snoozing through Roger Rabbit.

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School review

Now that the school review's preliminary recommendations have been published, I will make my comments. Contrary to the beliefs of some, I do NOT write any factual information here until I am sure it is in the public domain.
Stokes Valley and Kamahi schools will combine on the Stokes Valley site. Tawhai and Tui Glen school will combine on the Tawhai site. I find the second proposal extraordinary. If anyone wants to engage me in discussion, please comment and I will expand on it.