March 7th, 2004


Party party

Chris's birthday dinner at One Red Dog was under threat when Matthew was sick and David hadn't come home, but in fact we all did get there, with three friends too. Gourmet pizzas, once they arrived, were consumed by all with great enthusiasm. After dinner, they went home and I went to Bar Bodega, taking the midnight train home. There are far more people on this train than I would have expected. More about LKJ later. Goodnight from me.

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Saturday evening, Sunday

After Christopher's party, it was off to bar Bodega, where Linton Kwesi Johnson was appearing for the first time in Wellington. Considering his low to nil profile in New Zealand, I was surprised at the large number of people who had turned up. he started with Five needs of bleeding,, followed by Dread, Beat and Blood and All Wi' Doin' Is Defendin'. After a start like that, it's hard to see where he could go wrong. He didn't: covering the New Cross Massacre of 1981, elegies for friends and relatives and lots of other material, a crowd of LKJ aficionados went home pleased with what they had heard and seen.

This morning's church service was a fairly normal sort of affair, with all that you might expect, although the sermon was from Ann, who spoke very well on our theme of repentance.

After lunch to F8L Gaming for a multi-player game of Age Of Mythology belatedly for Viv's birthday. Viv and matthew are the last two standing. David fell first, then Chris, then me, so I'm taking a few minutes to write an entry here while I wait for the battle of the giants to be resolved.

Stokes Valley swimming

Here we are, at the 14th and final Stokes Valley swim-a-thon, with Christopher swimming to raise money for camp. The sausages on sale tasted as much like bread as the bread wrapping them. As ever, a well-supported event, and fun for all. Yippee! It's winding down now, no doubt the official count of how many lengths he swam will be available soon. I agreed to pay 31c per length.

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