March 16th, 2004


Sydney Airport

Well, there's no phone WAP service, but phone calls and texts are fine, but there are free internet terminals here, so I'm using one.
I've just cecked in for my flight, but to begin at the beginning.
Following an ungodly hour start yesterda, I had breakfast and a snooze on the flight, followed by a taxi to Jim's place. We unwound for a short while before embarking on an extensive walking tour of Sydney's waterfront, including the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, the site of Luna Park and numerous other places. We then caught up with Bob, an old workmate from Hastings now in Sydney, and had lunch with him and a couple of other friends.
Ambling around Sydney again after this, but an early night was called for, partly to make up for the start and partly to save having to recover from jetlag on the way back.
Today saw the Banking Conference, which was all I hoped it would be, with useful and informative speakers on matters I don't think you want to read about here. Lunch was included; after that I walked up George Street to Dymocks where I picked out books as gifts for the boys. We wait to hear whether my choices were any good.
A short trip by metro and here I am, back at the airport, with a couple of hours till the flight goes. That is all.