August 6th, 2004


Another media blackout

Growing up in England I was used to media blackouts. the only way you
would know that Euston station had been closed because of a threat would be
if you were there. However, a major gas leak at Wellington Railway Station
is something I would expect the media to have picked up on fairly quickly,
yet there is nothing. Go and look at and see if anything has changed yet.
Just after 8, the train I was on stopped at a station and we were told of a
major gas leak at Wellington station, and it could be some time before we
were moving again. All up the Hutt Valley line and the Kaput Coast line the
trains were backed up and eventually moved and cleared the backlog.
So why isn't there anything on the local newswires, when everyone knows
about it and I don't see any reason for a blackout. Or am I missing
something here?

Update: I was told there was an article on the NZ Herald (Auckland paper) website, but I couldn't find it.
new zealand

Hiroshima Day

This is for all the activists who read this, including but not limited to mintogrubb.
On this day in 1945, the American forces exploded a nuclear weapon over Hiroshima in Japan. This is the most destructive single event in human history if measured in terms of lives lost. The second most destructive was at Nagasaki.
It may not still be true, but some years ago I was told that in a knowledge survey, 80% of Americans asked "Which is the only country to have exploded a nuclear weapon over a foreign city?" answered that it must have been the damn Russkies.

In Wellington, white paper roses were on sale. They carried the text "FOR A NUCLEAR--FREE WORLD NOW".