August 13th, 2004


Square roots, quiz nights

My mother taught me how to extract square roots manually, and I'm writing up a paper on how to do it for calculus. Meanwhile, we have a name for our team in the Bank's annual "Battle of the Brains" or "BoB". Just at the moment, I'm short of hours in the day. I'm heading for six hours of meetings and seminars today before I leave, apart from which there are a variety of papers to read and write, both bank and non-bank. But for now, it's a few minutes of train time, and quiet-ish reflection.

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Full day today

With meetings right through the day, I didn't have a chance to visit the British High Commission today, so that will wait till Monday. But I did learn a lot more about the Bank's reporting and policy strategies and a fair amount about leadership styles. Some at the Bank, some at the Bankers' Institute. In town tonight, Wellington v Canterbury, but I'm going home instead. Goodnight.

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Square roots

Following unprecedented demand, I have written up a partial method and some worked examples of how to extract square roots exactly, without resorting to numerical analysis approximations.
The method I have described will calculate exact square roots where they exist and allow an arbitrary number of decimal places if you have the patience or the ability to write a suitable program for it.
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