August 19th, 2004


Let's catch up on the days

Monday was an ordinary sort of day, though it was cold: nothing about it could prepare us for what was to come. Tuesday dawned with not much away from the norm. Viv was going to be at another meeting in the evening, so I needed to arrange a lift home from church vestry. It was pretty wet by the time we had finished, and I knew I needed to be up early the following morning as I was competing in the Area Table Topics competition. Jess offered to give me a lift into town, for which I was very grateful (and so was vivh because it meant she didn't need to take me to the station. As it turned out, the storm was bad, and the trains would have struggled to get me there on time anyway. As we drove down SH2, Jess said that she'd never been hit by a wave before while in the middle lane...
As it turned out, I was second in the contest: our club president won the contest, which meant our club took out the first two. Combined with Kevin's achievement in the evaluation contest last week, we're still on for a "clean sweep", but that now relies on me winning the humorous contest next Tuesday.
Anyhow, after the contest, it was time to walk down to the office. There were twigs on the ground everywhere, even in the city, and the day was bleak. SMS messages throughout the day suggested that the trains were no running, but around half past four, a Sunday service resumed, which meant I could get home.
A quiet Wednesday night, with the boys' youth group curtailed, and another early morning today for the regular club meeting.
Thursday morning: speeches about the Trans-Mongolian express and a forthcoming trip to Namibia.
Another mundane day at work, but I suppose we got some excitement when the packers delivered all the things from Bryan's old office. He's now definitely here, with all his boxes, filing cabinets and stuff, though he was evidently here a while back: a coffee mug and a picture of the family never lie.
Perhaps I should offer some eye-witness storm stories. Perhaps, but I don't think I will.