September 14th, 2004


Another day done

It vaguely occurred to me that Viv's trip is already almost 10pc over. I don't know where the years have gone either. No crises yet, which is a good thing. I cooked up some corn fritters last night. Easy going evening, nothing strange. The same probably today. I see the flight into LHR was 40 minutes late in. I suppose that will have given everyone time to read another chapter of their book. Here in the other capital, it's blue and sunny, with a southerly promised later. Be seeing you!

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Quiet day - only two fires

It hasn't been too bad here: the sun did shine and we don't seem to have received the southerly that was threatened. An early start, as ever, and today I parked somewhere I could get out of easily. I don't usually have to park the car in the mornings, and managed to pick a dodgy space yesterday.
At lunchtime I went off to help at "Up Top" Toastmasters, where I am club mentor designate, and after the meeting i found that most of the bank's end of Featherston Street was blocked off by fire engines and assorted appliances. Apparently there was a fire in the AMP Building. We were unaffected.
After work, I popped in to a shop to buy a couple of shot glasses to replace the ones that have mysteriously disappeared - well, only one has disappeared: we know what happened to the other one.
Why do we use shot glasses? One glass of rolled oats, two of boiling water, microwave for 60-70 seconds and that's breakfast. I also ordered a copy of ST:TOS which is released on DVD on Thursday. If that's a worldwide release date, I guess that sheaj34 will already know.
Then past the post office box to pick up The Economist and Waters and anything else that was there. I received a call from the Hutt-Mana trust today, so it looks as if my registration form might be with me shortly. After that, the cheque is surely just a moment away. After all, getting the registration form has already taken me five weeks. On the train, and it seemed pretty much straightforward till we got to Waterloo, at which point we were asked to pass calmly through the train and wait on the platform, as a small fire had started under the carriage. I'm glad it was only a small fire, though the white smoke was spectacular. We set off not long after, but only in the back two carriages.
After that, it was fish and chips as usual for a Tuesday, with not much else to report as yet.
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