November 3rd, 2004


Submitting code

Submitting a piece of COBOL to was probably not my finest decision yesterday, but it was fun in an odd sort of way. Today will be a key work day. If a data extract I need is there, it will be a great day, but if not... Lunch with some old colleagues today, but that's all. Home as usual tonight and Toastmasters tomorrow morning. By then, we should have an idea whether Bush has been re-defeated. When will the new Star Trek TOS DVDs be released? It seems that the original schedule has slipped by about a fortnight. Not good. Sunbeams lighting up Wellington Harbour. A train I would have missed if they hadn't had to check one of its axles. Got to love this network. Capital expenditure? What's that? We're promised a high of 20C or 68F today. Wait and see, but if it's true, summer is just around the corner. Here are the rail-yards, so it's time to go! Have a wonderful Wednesday, dear readers.

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The Day The Earth Caught Fire

I was just recalling the old movie "The Day The Earth Caught Fire" and
how it ended with the newspaper editor and his two headlines and front pages
ready depending on what happened next. "EARTH SAVED: Billions give thanks"
was one, while the other said "EARTH DOOMED: People of the World pray". The
movie ended with the camera panning from one to the other. It occurred to me
that it is rather like that today. The same headlines would be appropriate
in the current circumstances.