November 14th, 2004


A new format

Let me know if you like the new format any better. Up early this morning to get ready to go catch the bus to church (as the family were still away) but I also had time to catch up with family in England first...the bus at 9:38 got me to church in plenty of time. After the service, I missed the first one so I walked down to Silverstream to fill in half an hour till the next one arrived. Time to think, time to walk.
Soon after I was home, they came back and I hadn't done the things I wanted to do first. Anyhow, two cups of coffee later we were off to Farmers and Whitcoulls in Lower Hutt, followed by New World (supermarket boring stuff) and Mr India (more interesting curry). the boys are off for bath, while those remaining here are trying to sort out the words of "Moonlight and Vodka".