January 25th, 2005


First day back

Well, an interesting day it was too. While away, two leavers: one who has decided to finish a degree and one who has had the good fortune to be picking up a cheque. As for me, reasonably safe at present.
The day started with lousy grey drizzle but it came on to be a lovely lunchtime and afternoon. Richard persuaded me to have lunch at Chicago Bar.
After work, it was the first Toastmasters event of the year for me: a committee meeting. Thankfully they are reasonably rare, and reasonably short. Viv picked me up at 7:30 and we filled up the car. You know, sometimes I think that maybe louderback is right when he describes my life as boring.
However, the last two weeks were not at all boring - it's just that when you're having fun, there's not time to write about it.
Viv is trying to find out where the bus cards are, who has a lunchbox that will pass health regulations, whether a wash has been put on, all that sort of stuff.
David is explaining where his pockets are.