January 29th, 2005


Still in transit

I have reached Heathrow after three average flights. Auckland to LA and LA to London were very ordinary, I am sorry to say. First one they ran out of chicken so I had to have ham. Second one ran out of french toast so I had to have omelettes.
Also, why does LAX treat transit passengers like criminals? We have to stand in line to be photographed and fingerprited, but then we don t get access to the public area but to a heavily guarded transit lounge with no facilities except bags of chips, copies of USA Today and apples not fit for pigs. No access to Friends Bar. No access to Burger King. Hated it. At least it is in the interest of security. Thank goodness for that.
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    Airport air conditioner

Much better terminal

Decenet screen, decent keyboard. By the cafe that serves enormous lattes with muffins (£4.09 but let that pass) It means I can sit and type and reflect, though at the moment there isn't much to reflect on. I do know that the clothes I have been wearing since about 7am Friday NZ and the shave I had at the same time are at the end of their useful lives, and if nothing else, I'm looking forward to a change of clothes and a shower when I arrive on Merseyside. This will make a difference to my frame of mind, I am sure. Further thanks to wellwishers. I'm bound to say that I am not convinced that the prognosis is good, but I am here now. I am also thinking of jiggery_pokery, who seems to be in a similar position to me. Chris, I'll be in touch.
Any minute now, the flight to Manchester will be boarding and I'll be on my way. Saturday lunchtime isn't a time that makes the British Midland lounge a hive of activity. I would guess that it was positively humming just 20 hours ago, however!
That is all.