February 8th, 2005


Tuesday evening...

On Sunday morning, I got up early and had some breakfast, knowing that I needed to get to the station to hop on the train and get to church in time for the 10:30 service. As I walked up the path to the church, I could see something was wrong. D'oh! It's the one Sunday in the month with a morning service at 9:30 and a family service at 11:00. Still, I was in time for most of the sermon and the closing bits, and in plenty of time for the second service...
A fair few people recognised me and a fair few knew why I was back in England, so that was good. After the service, an older couple who knew my parents better than they knew me invited me back for lunch, so I happily accepted their invitation.
By the way, their website is at http://www.bpchurch.org.uk and I expect that some of the people reading this definitely will visit it, while some others definitely will not!
Off to the solicitor's on Monday morning, to talk through an enormous collection of files and manila folders, before having lunch in Chester and wandering round their shopping mall. A quiet evening, except for phone calls from two close friends, who are not close in distance while we're in New Zealand.
This brings us to this morning. Woke early, had breakfast of bacon, toast and porridge before I put on my new suit. The funeral limo to take us to Landican was early, but we were ready, so it took us on a scenic tour of Wirral before we arrived there. Many relatives and friends were there, along with the deputy mayor and some others. A short service, including a speech by me, which I will post online following my return to New Zealand.
We went off to The Cherry Orchard afterwards, the same place we went after Dad's funeral. Lots of people were there, and I went round the tables, thanking people for coming and catching up with many people I hadn't seen for years. At least two for everyone, more than twenty for many.
Then we went home. I took Alison out for pancakes at the Little Chef. Pancake Day was a special day for mum and her, and indeed for me. After that, she went home, I wound down for a while and then spoke to vivh on the phone, giving a further boost to Telecom NZ's profit. But I'm now at sheaj34's again, where it was pancakes again. Thank you, Ben, a fine pancake flipper.