February 10th, 2005


Thursday night...

Well, I don't know what cdommunion is. Sounds like a typo to me. I missed out on talking to vivh this morning because she was going out first thing and then I was going out second thing. pcfreak8 texted me a couple of times to find out how I was doing.
I had a wasted journey to Liverpool.
1. American Express Travel cannot change flight bookings with Air New Zealand. They can make the phone call and talk to Air NZ, but they can't change reservations and they can't revalidate tickets. But they can charge GBP 25 for the service. Thomas Cook can't even do that much. AX gave me a phone number to call, and I did that when I got home.
2. I can't give blood in England. We visited Vanuatu in January, which blacklists me for six months because it is a malarial area. Why am I trying to do so? Because New Zealand thinks I'm a mad cow, because I live in Britain for more than six months between 1980 and 1996.
I did manage to buy two bottles of absinthe at Tesco in Liverpool, and I bought a DVD set I can't get in New Zealand. (Yes, we do have a multizone player.)
I had to be home before 12:30 because there was a company coming round to pick up an electric nebuliser and a wheelchair between 12:30 and 3:30. Did they actually show up? No.
After work, Alison came round and we had a pie, baked potatoes and peas for tea.
I'm at Angela and Andrew's house again now. I've just dropped off their wediing present, though they did say they didn't want any presents. vivh said this was ridiculous: Angela is her best friend. I agree. That's why I bought them a beautiful... (sorry, they haven't opened it yet and Angela may read this).