March 8th, 2005


Good morning

Well, life slowly returns towards the new normality. Viv returned on Sunday morning, though Sunday afternoon was a shock as she immediately set to work cleaning up the house and discarding alarmingly large amounts of Stuff. Sunday night was largely sleepless as the jet-lag and the enormity of change in circumstances took hold. Back at work on Monday and Richard took me to Chicago and I brought him up to date wit what's been happening. He made some suggestions and comments which I will note carefully. Monday night, a lecture from the visiting professor to Vic about bank regulation. I found it very interesting, but few of my readers here would have done. Home, an early night with sleep and that brings up to today, Chris's 11th birthday. Early morning presents, but not much else of note. When I was his age, it was June 1972 and I was still at primary school. Let us watch carefully and see what the future holds for us. Pause for thought. More later.

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