March 14th, 2005



Welcome to a new week. It starts ordinarily enough with a gloomy sky and gulls walking along the railway tracks. A chill is in the air, but it will warm up later. More than three years into my journal and still nothing of note here. I suppose everyone sees life as more or less ordinary, but this diary has seen international travel, marriage, death, school life, work life, mergers and acquisitions, contests won and lost and an awful lot of trains and mornings. It's just one too many mornings and a thousand miles away. Coming soon: The Moody Blues, Pulp Expo, Easter...not necessarily in that order of time or importance.

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new zealand


I first became aware of it when I met a co-worker at the station, and realised it must have been a big one because they mentioned it on the chalk board outside Wishbone.
We all slept through it. At least, Viv and I did, and the boys didn't mention it, so i suppose they did too. The cats didn't mention it either. 6.1. Or 6.4. Depends on what you read.