March 25th, 2005


Good Friday

After a busy day yesterday, Toastmasters and all, I came home to something like a crisis at home. The neighbour who had been given money for the skip had spent it and wasn't answering her door, and no skip was there.
We've piled most of the stuff that would be in the skip by her front door, but we're assured that everything will be sorted by Saturday. That's before we deal with issues of painting the rail by the balcony, but that is another story.
Good Friday dawned eventually and after plenty of tidying and sorting out, we set off for church. I was the centurion ("truly this man was the Son of God") but, as vivh pointed out, the performance was rather shabby.
Back to work and discarding more. Once we had a pile of books too heavy to lift, we took them off to Debbie and Steve's place: they will be running a garage sale soon. A beer and a chat, and then we were on our way back home, where we picked up fish and chips on the way home.