March 28th, 2005


Another day

The long weekend continues...I will be going back to work tomorrow, but the rest of the family have the day off school. this doesn't seem fair.
Today has been spent mostly filling up a skip with rubbish. It is now almost completely full, containing a large number of videotapes, books, paperwork, carpets and similar material: the rubbish accumulated by hoarders who never realised that the day of reckoning would eventually arrive.
Some of the things have survived several international and intranational moves: only the strongest survive now. It's been hard throwing out some of the stuff, but it's been worthwhile. Matthew and Christopher have pretty decent rooms by now, David's is nearly there, ours is better but still not good, but the living room frankly looks like a bomb hit it. The bathroom is fine, the cat room less so.
The boys have just gone to bed, Viv is sitting there beautifully and playing Triple Pop. Tomorrow is another day.