April 1st, 2005


Real life

I was just launching into print on the train the other morning when I met a real-life friend, so we talked all the way to Wellington. Real life generally takes priority, you see. Other real life friends should sign up for an account here so that I can add you to my 'friends list'. If I do that, you'll be able to read 'friends only' entries which might tell you things you wouldn't hear otherwise. And you might even post a few comments of your own sometimes. Who can tell? But here It's another gloomy morning. I can here the Masterton express roar through the station, so we'll be on our way in just a moment.

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Black day as EU fools with place names

Cross posted to daftplacenames - join the madness!

EUROPEAN bureaucrats will push forward legislation today to force the Scottish Executive to change place-names that offend or discriminate on the grounds of race and gender.

In a move the Nationalists described as the "ultimate madness in political correctness", it has taken only a quorum of four Euro commissioners from Italy, Germany, France and Spain to redraw Scotland's map.

The German commissioner, Arlo Pilof, the architect of the 2006 Race and Gender Equality Imposition Code (conformity), an amendment to existing rules, said: "We believe many names do not conform, and we started with Scotland because it is the worst of the culprits with offensive names such as Skinflats, near Grangemouth."

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