April 11th, 2005


The inevitable Monday

Well, one of my least favourite things happened this morning. Someone asked me how my weekend was, and I couldn't answer straight away because it was a blank.
You may already have read about Saturday...I picked up the boys and we went off to Raewyn's, where Viv was still working on the Kids Games programme. About 11:30 we got home and about 12:30 to bed. not late for some, but late for me. Matthew and I both struggled to be up in time for church. After the service (theme: Emmaus Road) we were tasked with looking after the lunch. Despite two dozen bread rolls and a large bunch of bananas, it wasn't enough. David went off to archery, I went off to the vestry retreat, Viv went off to Raewyn's.
Hours later, after hearing about the future of the church, I got a lift back to Raewyn's and we zipped off to buy curry and all that entails.
This morning, as you will have heard if you follow phone posts, it was very foggy, but not so foggy that there was no bus service. The day continued...bagels for lunch...rearranged O'Shea oratory coaching afterwards. We went on too long, so I didn't catch the 7:05 from town but the 7:35. While I was ordering fish and chips (to eat and to fill in time) I got a call from 617 who will be meeting up with me for dinner in Wellington tomorrow night. If you want to know where, send me a message to ask, leaving a number I can contact you on.
But I ate the fish and chips, caught the next train, waited for another bus and walked up the steps and the hill home. Then I got talking to Matthew about "gangsta" spelling of words, and we came across an example that had "thang" instead of "thing". Matthew can't see the point in that, but it reminded me of "We don't need that Fascist Groove Thang" by Heaven 17, so I dug out my old copy of "Penthouse and Pavement".
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And I'm still listening to the album as I type this, but it will soon be bedtime. Viv is out at a Toastmasters meeting, but said she was going on to Raewyn's afterwards.
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