April 30th, 2005


Saturday morning

Well, we went off to dinner at Debbie and Steve's last night. Boddington's, 1996 red wine from the winery where Steve used to work, chicken, salad, blueberry dessert, a fine evening. We might have left early, but the conversation took a suddent lurch to the fascinating and we didn't leave till a long time after midnight. This could have been a problem for Viv, as she and david were setting off to Kids Games at an early hour today. they made it, I struggled out of bed in time to give them a lift to Upper Hutt (to get a bus to Wellington...great).
It's haircuts and things today, before the return to school on Monday. I need one too, though I'm not going back to school.
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Live from Queensgate

Here we are at Queensgate. It's been a fairly slack morning, with us just playing games on the PCs while the other two are in town. But this afternoon we are at Queensgate in Lower Hutt, where we have bought some shoes for Chris and a season ticket for me for May. We also got the haircuts for me and Chris, as promised.
Just at the moment, we are sitting at a table at a corner of the Telecom store in the mall while I download a major file for Empire Earth - the fansite kit, a snip at 90 MBytes. Shouldn't be too long now. I hope the battery is generous to me today.