June 19th, 2005


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Where was I? Oh yes...the end of the weekend again, and still no postings.
Thursday morning: my last ordinary meeting at Toastmasters. I gave a farewell speech, but rather than a straightforward retrospective, I looked at "goal-setting". My theme was that it's better to set goals than to drift through life. Even if we don't achieve our goals, we get a long way by aiming there, and we learn a lot on the way.
Friday I found that the people I was hoping to meet with weren't available, so I went out for a curry with the usual team...at the end of the day, it was time to say goodbye to Ivonne, a co-worker and a dear friend since she joined us three and a half years ago. She gave me a glass paperweight with a map of NZ and a hug. She'll be on leave next week, so that's goodbye.
Last night, the whole work team were at "The Tasting Room", where we dined and watched some of the game. I had the venison special, while Viv had Beef Wellington. 617 take note.
Off to church this morning, where the Kids' Stuff had their farewell for Viv and the boys. Ours will be next Sunday after church.
Remember that you are invited to Koraunui School (ex-Stokes Valley School), Kairimu Street, Stokes Valley, next Saturday 25th June from 6pm.
This afternoon we went off to the Moores' to deliver another bookshelf and to make some plans. After that, it was off to various caterers to plan some stuff for next week's party.
And now, after kahlua and milk (Viv) and absinthe and cranberry (Ian), we're watching the end of Dancing With The Stars before a coffee and bed.