July 9th, 2005


Going back north

We didn't get up early on Friday, except to get the breakfast from the room service lady knocking on the door, and continued to watch the news. It isn't going to be any better any time soon.
We wondered about venturing out into the big bad world, but decided just to get a taxi to Euston. On the way, we passed King's Cross, which had fire engines and mounted police outside. At Euston, it was very busy: masses of people standing on the concourse waiting. And when the platform for the Liverpool train was announced, as one they moved to the left and swarmed towards Platform 12. We managed to get two seats and two seats together, but in the quiet carriage, not the best place for mespot. Still, it was a place to sit and it wasn't too bad.
An uneventful journey. At Liverpool, Andrew met us and helped us get our mass of baggage into the Merseyrail system. At Bebington, he and sheaj34 loaded most of the bags into one car and most of the people into the other, with the rest of the luggage travelling in the car with sheaj34 and vivh.
Back home...
We started the long, long job of transforming the property from "mum's house" to "our house", which will take weeks, if not months, if not years.
But I have now signed up with a British ISP, just dialup for now, we will be shopping for a bed today, talking to my bank on Monday...